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Nhóm New Upload Windows 8.1 - Dark V11.8 - X64 - Black Hats - Public Beta - (by Dark Production Team)


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Version: Dark V11.8 Public Beta
Creator: The Dark
Theme: Chris Cold and some Deviant Art
ISO: Windows 8.1 Update 1 AIO with ESD compression by Murphy78
ISO Modifications: Removed Win81-pkey, Added note in info folder
Tested in: Vmware Workstation 10.0.3 (with 4 GB of RAM)
Modifications: %OEM% / Custom scripts / System File mod
Architecture: 64 bit only
Activation: Built in KMS @ctivator
Experience Level required: High
Compression of ISO: Compressed with WinRar (RAR5)
Compression Level: Best / 1024 MB (Dictionary Size)
Size: Rougly 6.5 GB
MD5 Checksum: A25FDF7026E6BB2021A4D4D311D09D48

Creator's note:

We have here the Black Hats edition because the Penetration Testing Module has been added in a young form. While the Reversing Module is maturing and being modified to make everything work fluidly. That being said the Penetration Testing Module is just that to get your feet wet.

Ok this time we are going to run a Beta test on this thing. There will be a lot of changes going into 11.8 and I want to make it all work (maybe even a scripting language change). That being said lets get started the modules have been renamed and are now called the correct name lol. Now, that being said the tools have been shown to reflect that including Havij. I take absolutely no responsibility for what you do with Havij as it serves to Pen-test websites. The Pen-Test module is very reflective use wise on you so its your responsibility what you do with it.


Now that being said I've put in a copy of Office 2013 Pro plus Sp1 as its basically nice to have in the OS. That means the foot print of the Image is higher so grab the USB 3.0 boys your going to need it. Ya this is a beta so no music this time that will be for the final when everything has been taken care of :)

Please Keep in mind this is a Beta it is an in progress product. That means you're here just to test it and provide feedback. The goal here is to emulate Kali Linux in terms of functionality.




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